Party Safe

Everyone enjoys going to or hosting a party. For young people it is certainly a part of growing up and celebrating special occasions with their friends.

There are many things to consider when planning a party, and good planning can reduce the risk of potential problems on the night. This site provides some great ideas to help you make your party safe, lawful and enjoyable for everyone concerned including, parents, hosts and guests.

Register your party

Party Safe allows you to register your party with your local police.

More information on how to register your Party Safe party and what this will mean for your party is available on our Party Safe Registration page.

Try and register your party at least two weeks beforehand so that police are able to supply you with all your Party Safe wristbands and other helpful information well in time for your party.

Share your thoughts: Have you registered a party with Police? We would greatly appreciate your completing the Party Safe Survey and giving us your feedback on the QPS Party Safe Program.

Party Safe Information Brochure CoverParty Safe information

These information sheets have some great ideas to assist in holding successful, safe and lawful parties for everyone concerned including parents, hosts and guests.